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Staples Rodway

What Staples Rodway is all about:

Staples Rodway have been one of New Zealand's most trusted independent accountancy firms for 70 years. We have a strong interest in the property sector and provide business advisory, taxation, audit, financial modelling, and many other financial services to businesses from SMEs to some of the largest property-related enterprises in New Zealand. 

Staples Rodway are the authors of "A Practical Guide to Taxing Property Transactions", a comprehensive guide covering issues associated with buying, selling and owning property. We focus on innovation, great client service, and building strong relationships with all our clients. We operate a network in 7 locations throughout New Zealand and have strong international links through our membership of the Baker Tilly Network.

Staples Rodway’s link to Keystone Trust:

Staples Rodway is very supportive the educational nature of Keystone and values its relationship as auditors with the Trust.

Contact details

Staples Rodway
Level 9, 45 Queen Street, 1010, PO Box 3899, Auckland 1140

Ph +64 9 309 0463