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Clarity Business

The Clarity Business is a public relations consultancy specialising in the property world. We help engineering, construction and property organisations to succeed through honing messages and  delivering them through our strong media relationships and proven tender submission strategies, helping companies to win $1.5 billion in work since 2009. We build value through words.

Our link to Keystone Trust 
We’re no good at designing buildings, but we’re good at building bridges. As an active participant in the New Zealand property and construction sector, we are always looking for opportunities to help people in the industry to improve their communication skills. 
Whether you are a Keystone Trust student or sponsor, we’re seeking opportunities through our support of the Trust to give our time to develop your communication skills - whether it is your CV, company messages, media interactions or tender submissions.

Contact details

Clarity Business
Level 1, Generator Stanbeth House 22-28 Customs Street East, Auckland

Ph 09 950 2690