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Russell Group of Companies

The Russell Group is a family owned & run group of companies that provide services and products across all sectors of the construction industry.  With the major companies all trading for over 40 years, they each operate as separate entities, with separate shareholdings and management teams but are fully aligned in their core values & business principals. The major companies are:

  • Dominion Constructors Ltd – Main Contractor; Lead Subcontractor; Interiors; Residential – based in Auckland and Christchurch
  • Acrow Ltd – Scaffolding; Propping; Formwork Systems; Event Seating – Nationwide
  • Russell Gordon Contracting – All Concrete Services; Blocklaying; Bricklaying; Paving; Masonry Homes – Auckland Based
  • Stresscrete – Prestressed and Precast concrete production – Auckland and Otaki
  • Russell Property Group – operating for almost 4 years developing and managing property in Auckland and Christchurch.

We pride ourselves on a friendly approach and commitment to building strong relationships with clients, consultants, suppliers, subcontractors and staff.  The group employs close to 900 people, many of these providing long term service and invaluable experience.  Likewise, our external relationships have seen many repeat projects and associations that have developed beyond the business environment.

Our link to the Trust

Alf Russell, started the group with the first company AJ Russell Bricklayers in 1965. He understood the importance of teaming the new generation with the “old hands” mixing new technology and approaches with tried and tested experience.  Since Alf’s passing in 2011, the companies have continued to support the growth of our industry providing apprenticeships and cadetships in a number of disciplines.  With a long association with Keystone Trust, we are proud to now also be offering a Keystone Scholarship in Alf’s memory to continue developing the industry leaders of the future.

Contact details

Russell Group of Companies
5 Dockside Lane,
Quay Park,

Ph +64 9 526 5808
Fx +64 9 526 5809