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Key Scholarship Partner

Leighs Construction

Established in 1995, Leighs Construction has grown into a multi-million dollar, industry leading, national construction company, with branches in Christchurch and Auckland.  Our wealth and breadth of knowledge and accumulated expertise enable us to deliver high quality construction projects across a number of sectors, including health, education, offices, retail, primary industry and government.  We have completed a wide range of challenging and innovative projects throughout New Zealand and overseas, from the Pacific to Antarctica.

We are proud of our reputation for being specialists who are known for producing intelligent and innovative solutions.  We see sustainable growth as a certainty and are a progressive organisation, constantly seeking exciting growth opportunities and rising eagerly to challenges.

Our company attracts the highest calibre staff, working at the grass roots of our business to understand our clients’ needs and delivering exceptional projects. 

Christchurch Office:

Level 2, 219 High Street
Christchurch 8011
PO Box 11191, Christchurch 8443

P +64 3 341 6905

Our link to the Trust

Leighs is excited to be a Keystone Trust Key Sponsorship Partner and is passionate about supporting the next generation of industry leaders.

Leighs is committed to mentoring and standing by those who join the construction industry, as the industry faces a new era of challenges, innovations and opportunities. As a key sponsorship partner, the team at Leighs look forward to sharing their skills and knowledge in the years to come.

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Contact details

Leighs Construction
Level 1, Leighs Construction Building,
19 Hargreaves Street, St Marys Bay,
Auckland 1011

Ph +64 9 600 6070