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Holmes Consulting Group

Holmes Consulting Group is New Zealand’s largest nationwide specialist structural engineering business. We’ve built our exceptional reputation on creative, cost-effective designs and an unwavering commitment to quality. With nearly 60 years at the top of the industry, our high performing team has helped create an elegant, compelling, sustainable built environment across thousands of high profile projects – leaving a proud legacy. 

Our link to the Trust

As a team, we’re delighted with our ongoing involvement with the Keystone Trust, as part of our wider commitment to social good. In fact, we’ve recently upgraded to platinum sponsorship, reinforcing our commitment and underlining our appreciation of the Trust’s value to our industry. Holmes Consulting Group is a staunch supporter of Keystone, and whenever there’s an event or chance to contribute, we’re never short of volunteers willing to lend their time, energy,  expertise—and even their credit cards—to the cause.

Contact details

Holmes Consulting Group
39 Market Place,
Viaduct Harbour, Auckland Central,
Auckland 1142

Ph 09-965 4789
Fx 09-965 4780