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In this section we will introduce you to just some of the careers that are on offer in this great industry. There are many roles to choose from and many qualification paths that can lead you to your chosen profession. Take some time to look at the roles we have featured and also an overview of the qualifications we support. We have also included some stories "A day in the life of....' from people that are actually carrying out some of these roles within our sponsor company organisations. We hope this gives you a good insight into what is on offer.

Tell me about positions

The property and construction sector remains an important part of the New Zealand economy, with graduate-level managerial and professional posts expected to increase significantly in the next decade. The growth in demand for talent is due to many factors that have impacted on the New Zealand property and construction sector, ...

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Tell me about qualifications

There are many tertiary pathways that can lead you into the property sector. We support students on their tertiary journey across many different property related qualifications and across all New Zealand tertiary institutions that offer these studies.

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A day in the life of...

"I’ve always been into property development and investment, and interested in the costing aspect of it in order to determine feasibility of a project. So I’ve been interested in property and construction since the beginning of my teen years."

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