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Meet our student

  • Ryan

    "I personally believe there is no other scholarship out there that is like Keystone"

    Why did you decide to take up qualifications in the property sector?

    I originally lived in Kaiapoi (Christchurch), which was one of the worst hit areas by the earthquakes. After seeing the destruction caused I decided that I wanted to be part of the cleanup and rejuvenation that is currently happening in the city. I also saw surveying as a small but very important industry, with plenty of growth capability.

    What difference has the Keystone Study Award made to you?

    Keystone has made a huge difference to my transition into tertiary education. Personally I have received two other scholarships, but I found that the money is not necessarily the most important aspect of a scholarship; its the support network. With the Keystone Study Award it not only provided me with a huge amount of money to aid my studies every year, but also provided me with so many opportunities both through meeting others like me and meeting some very important and influential people in the property industry.

    What do you think is the key difference of a Keystone Scholarship?

    The key difference of a Keystone Scholarship is definitely the support and opportunities that are provided. That and the regular, helpful contact from Victoria, Hayley, the other Keystone students and all the people you meet. There are awesome events held regularly, plenty of contacts to make and heaps of opportunities for both study and jobs.

    What have been the highlights of your time with us so far?

    The highlights for me so far have been what I think are the most important events in my recent life:

    - The Annual Keystone Awards Evening
    - The trip to the new library in Devonport
    - The site visit to the Justice Precinct in which I was not only able to see the largest project in Oceania but also see surveying in a construction scenario.

    How have you connected with our sponsor family?

    I have connected with the Keystone family through the networking events, receiving business cards that I can use to get a head-start into the industry as well as receive future work opportunities.

    Tell me about the buddy programme and wingman programme?

    The buddy and wingman program have been quite important to my entry into the Keystone family, with support from Josh Leckie (Mentor/Wingman) and Mitch Braun (Buddy). They have helped me at networking events, through introducing me to many important: construction, architecture, real estate and engineering company members. They are also there if I need any help with studies or just life at university. This is very appreciated at stressful times in the semester.

    Where do you think your qualifications might take you?

    I believe that with a surveying degree at the University of Otago, I will be able to go anywhere in the world. Currently many countries have very few surveyors and they are in demand. Being a growth industry with construction it is a huge help. Development in all the major cities across New Zealand is occurring and I am sure that I will be able to make my mark over the next few years.

    What would you say to other students thinking of applying for a scholarship?

    To any other students applying for a scholarship with Keystone, I say you've made a great choice and good luck! The amount of support they offer with not only money but also experience and contacts is huge. I personally believe there is no other scholarship out there that is like this one. Its been a huge help to me personally and I'm having a fantastic university experience because of them. If you're like me and you are currently thinking that 'I won't get it, there is no point applying', just do it because you have nothing to lose but everything to gain, honestly it has been such an amazing experience that I would recommend it to anyone!