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Meet our student

  • Olivia

    "The buddy and wingman programme has been one of the best things Keystone has offered"

    Why did you decide to take up qualifications in the property sector?

    I grew up in an environment where many family and friends had careers in the property sector and it was from this that my passion for the industry grew. I was also aware of the vast population growth here in New Zealand so knew the property sector would provide plenty challenging but exciting jobs. 

    What difference has the Keystone Study Award made to you?

    The Keystone Study award has enabled me to already be so much more ahead of my peers. In my first year I have already obtained a part time job gaining experience at Bayleys, I've met many inspiring property professionals from a range of high profile companies and I've been able to create connections with other students in my course that I would've otherwise never of met. 

    What do you think is the key difference of a Keystone Scholarship?

    Although the financial support has been great, the most valuable part for me being in the Keystone family is the connections I've been able to make, the networking events I've attended and the educational site visits I've gone too. Keystone has provided me with a huge insight as to what my future will hold and has introduced me to some of the most successful and inspiring professionals in the property sector.

    What have been the highlights of your time with us so far?

    The highlights for me would be the site visits that I've been able to attend. In particular I really enjoyed the Precinct property presentation on their new Commercial Bay development, it was really exciting seeing the process they've been through just to get it to the early demolition stage it is at now. 

    How have you connected with our sponsor family?

    I have connected with the sponsors Bayleys in particular where I have been lucky to secure a part time job. I have been able to learn lots about the agency side of the property sector, which I've taken a liking too and could imagine myself pursuing a career in the field. It's also allowed me to meet many agents and managers in their office. 

    Tell me about the buddy programme and wingman programme?

    The buddy and wingman programme has been one of the best things Keystone has offered. My wingman, Simone, is a senior project manager at TBIG, she is always available to catch up and offer any advice I may need. She took me on a tour through her office in the city and introduced me to many of her colleagues. My buddy James has been so helpful through my first year at University. We catch up regularly at Uni to discuss anything I'm finding difficult and he always offers advice and solutions to my problems. James has gone beyond the call of duty in insuring my first year runs smoothly and I feel really grateful for all he has done to make my first year a good one. 

    Where do you think your qualifications might take you?

    I believe the BProp/BCom conjoint will be able to take me to a vast range of careers. From working part time at Bayleys I could see myself getting into agency, but I know that my qualifications will allow me to have flexibility and will provide a solid foundation for any job within the property sector. 

    What would you say to other students thinking of applying for a scholarship?

    I personally doubted myself when applying as I didn't think I would get it but in hindsight I am so glad I did apply as there is no scholarship quite like the Keystone Awards, it really is second to none. The opportunities that I've had and the connections I have made are invaluable. I encourage anyone considering applying to just do it, you have nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain!