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Meet our student

  • Ben

    "I have always had a passion for watching and learning about the way buildings came together"

    Why did you decide to take up qualifications in the property sector?

    My father was a cabinet and window maker, so I grew up playing in the sawdust that had accumulated on the floor of his workshop. Through this I learnt a lot of practical skills and became very naturally skilled with my hands. I was constantly creating sculptures from the waste off cuts and would often design and build miniature houses. As I grew bigger so did my dreams and designs from small residential buildings to giant skyscrapers and landmarks. Since then I have always had a passion for watching and learning about the way buildings came together. By studying the Bachelor of Construction I hope to eventually be part of a project which is as large in scale and recognition as structures like; the Sydney Opera house, the Eiffel tower or the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

    What difference has the Keystone Study Award made to you?

    Through Keystone I was able to make connections within the industry. I have been working as an intern for Arrow International, one of the Keystone sponsors, since March. It has given me insight into how sites work how the structure comes together in a practical environment, which has been great as what I learn in class at Unitec I am able to see and experience in the real world which further reinforces the knowledge that I am acquiring from my lecturers.

    What do you think the key difference of a Keystone Scholarship?

    There are few scholarships out there which are as well connected within the industry. I think this is what makes the Keystone Trust stand out. This means that being a Keystone Student provides me with a huge advantage over my class mates, who have not had the opportunity to meet and network with people in the construction industry.

    What have been your highlights of your time with us so far?

    I enjoyed the networking evenings and awards nights. It’s always great to meet new people and catch up with people that I’ve met at previous functions. It’s always good to reconnect with the other Keystone students.

    How have you connected with our sponsor family?

    I have connected with the sponsor Arrow International in particular. I have been working part time as an intern since March. I have been able to work closely with one of the senior quantity surveyors who is teaching me what a quantity surveyors role is within a project.

    Tell me about the buddy programme and wingman programme?

    The buddy and wingman programme has been great! My Keystone buddy Jamie Leach has been a huge help as she is always happy to assist me with any coursework that I am struggling with. My wingman Tamati Parker was the one who helped set up a job for me at Arrow international, I am very grateful for this as I feel I have opportunity to gain a lot of knowledge and experience through the company.

    Where do you think your qualifications might take you?

    I believe that the Bachelor of Construction will provide a good foundation which could lead me into a variety of jobs within the construction industry. I hope in the future this qualification will lead to me working on large scale projects that are iconic on a global scale.

    What would you say to any students thinking about applying for a scholarship?

    There’s no other scholarships like a Keystone Scholarship! The benefits received through the Trust are immense. It’s a real privilege to be a part of. So give it a go and apply!