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Meet our student

  • Alysha

    There is nothing to lose and everything to gain by becoming a part of the Keystone family

    Why did you decide to take up qualifications in the property sector?

    For me, the field of Architecture was appealing as it combined my loves for problem solving and art. Graphics was easily my favourite subject at secondary school, and after spending a year at Victoria University working on a course which introduced to me in more depth what the title of ‘an architect’ involved, my decision to work within this field and this sector has only been positively reinforced.

    What difference has the Keystone Study Award made to you?

    The difference that the Keystone Study Award has meant for me has been the opportunity to connect with professionals who are already working in the field, and understand that there are differences between the classroom and the real world. While my lecturers tried to allude to this in class, only the site visits run by Keystone and the conversations with the professionals on site have allowed me to fully comprehend and understand that plans can change and things won’t always work out quite the way we plan them to. Understanding this happens and being able to acknowledge that it happens I feel has meant I have a more realistic expectation of what my future career path actually involves.

    What do you think is the key difference of a Keystone Scholarship?

    I feel the key difference of a Keystone Scholarship is that it means you are constantly being approached and talked to by someone. The connections and networking opportunities that a Keystone Scholarship provides are really quite astounding. I recall that in this first year, not only was I having conversations with peers and students about the scholarship I had received, but I was being sought out and approached by industry leaders who wanted to talk with me about the scholarship and what it had meant for me so far. And that feeling of professionals wanting to talk to you and physically seeking you out because of it, is really amazing, and gives you the confidence and ambition to work hard and achieve above your goals.

    What have been the highlights of your time with us so far?

    I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the Wellington networking evening that was earlier this year. It was a really exciting experience to talk to professionals within the property sector and hear about their stories, opinions, and projects. It was also equally exciting to be asked about my thoughts and my study. Having that opportunity to converse and develop a greater understanding of how each discipline within the property sector functions alongside one another has been so enlightening and beneficial to my understanding of what my job is and will be in the future as an architect.

    How have you connected with our sponsor family?

    The site visits have been my most direct connection with our sponsor family, and I see it as a real privilege to be allowed on site and see the inner workings of how exactly our sponsors operate. Having the opportunity to talk to our sponsors and question how exactly they have done something and why they decided to do it that way, has been an intriguing experience.

    Tell me about the buddy programme and wingman programme?

    The support programmes at Keystone are amazing and really allow you to feel like you are in a family. My buddy Bonnie and my wingman Carrinya have been really helpful this year, especially in helping me adjust to life at Victoria University. They have both been so nice to me and patient as I asked any questions I had throughout the year, and were very helpful with their answers. In particular, the highlight of the year for me with these two was that I felt so proud to have them as my friends and support at our Wellington networking evening, where they represented themselves really well, and also ensured I was managing to meet the professionals at this event which was a relatively new experience to me.

    Where do you think your qualifications might take you?

    While I still have a few years to go before finishing up in the classroom and knowing for certain where I will end up, I believe that I would ultimately like to end up in the residential development side of architecture. I believe that I would thoroughly enjoy creating a personal home for people to live and laugh in, as well as enabling connections and friendships within neighbourhoods and communities. I have always had an interest in the business side of things as well and have a strong ambition to one day be practicing under my own name.

    What would you say to other students thinking of applying for a scholarship?

    I would definitely say do it, with no hesitation. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain by becoming a part of the Keystone family. The opportunities you are provided with are really invaluable in creating a career for yourself of which you are proud and happy with.